Support for Your Caregiving
Central NJ’s

When you work or travel, you need to be sure your loved ones are safe and well-cared for, and families in central NJ have relied on New Jersey Eastern Star Home’s respite care program for years. Skilled nurses help support you in your caregiving, so you can be energized and recharged to provide the best care at home.

Because we serve as a long-term care provider in a residentially designed setting, your loved one will be completely cared for in a home-like environment. Our trained staff provides personalized and professional care, respecting residents’ preferences and routines even during a short stay in our facility. Whether one-time or recurring care is required, your loved one will fit right in with our residents and enjoy the activities and amenities we have to offer. These activities are optional but promote stimulating and engaging options throughout the day.

Your family should not navigate this journey alone. Professional temporary care gives you peace of mind while you balance other responsibilities, ensuring you can connect and care for your loved ones at your best when you return home.

Please note that respite care is based on accommodations and availability.

“New Jersey Eastern Star Home is a wonderful, kind and caring facility. This is my Mom’s second rehab visit due to a fall in our home.”

Respite Care
for NJ

Primary caregivers for adult loved ones know the task is fulfilling but extremely demanding. Other family members and friends help to lift the burden, but sometimes you need to seek out trained professionals to provide the best care for an extended break.

Respite care providers work with families for temporary care of an adult who cannot live completely independently, whether for memory loss or increasing weakness due to aging. This temporary skilled nursing care provides peace of mind while traveling or working that prevents the isolation and burnout common to primary caregivers. You may choose respite care for a few days to give your loved one an opportunity to socialize while helping you maintain your health in order to care better after you’ve renewed your own energy.

While in-home services exist for bathing, grooming, or homemaker services, a facility respite program allows you to travel for vacation or work without worry. Working with professionals also gives you a fresh set of eyes on caregiving. After years of training, they know the most efficient and professional ways to build a daily routine and handle certain tasks. Use their support to improve your caregiving after you both return home.

Our central NJ facility serves the surrounding community by providing the best care for aging loved ones, so they can continue living life with purpose and dignity. We want to support you as you do the same for your family members and give you the rest you need to find fulfilment in your own caregiving role.