Engaging and Enriching
the Lives of Seniors
Activities in a

Located right off I-287 in Bridgewater, New Jersey Eastern Star Care & Rehab Center works with businesses and volunteers in the area to provide activities for all interests. Whether the dollar store visits us on-site or we take a shopping trip to Walmart, we work with each resident’s current mobility level. All activities are optional, but each provides an enriching experience and helps to maintain your loved ones’ routine.

We cater our culinary services to individual preferences when possible and meet any dietary restriction requirements. The culinary team builds menus that include variety for nutritional reasons and to keep residents looking forward to their dining experiences.

The intimate setting supports our residents’ preferences and individualized needs considered when planning activities and meals. The staff at New Jersey Eastern Star Care & Rehab Center builds a choice of recreation into the day through seasonal and recurring events throughout the year.

“We are truly dedicated to a service-oriented mindset that supports the needs of each individual resident and patient; while acknowledging through our programs and services that one’s medical needs are only part of who that individual is and what that individual needs. We believe engaging each resident and patient to meet his or her personal goals and preferences for activities and daily routine is paramount to wellness and life satisfaction.”

—Diane Baldwin, Administrator

What We Offer

Private Rooms

New Jersey Eastern Star’s private rooms with private bathrooms were recently constructed to promote their mission of living with dignity into senior years. These residents receive the daily assistance and care they need while respecting their privacy.

Beauty Parlor

The on-site beauty parlor and barber shop keeps residents looking good while maintaining the routine and respect they enjoyed before moving into long-term care.

Therapy Gym

The newly constructed gymnasium is separated into alcoves so patients can work with therapists individually. A fully functioning kitchen prepares patients receiving occupational therapy to return home.

Activites, Events & Calendar

Through activities within the facility and the rest of the community, New Jersey Eastern Star Care & Rehab Center helps residents enjoy life in their new home. From off-site trips to on-site yoga to pet visits, residents have the choice to establish a routine that encourages a better life.

Examples of monthly activities include: trivia night, visiting musical entertainment, Bingo, Bible studies, afternoon movies, flower demonstrations, specialty food and drink carts, church services for any denomination, puzzles, rummage sales, and more.

This wide range of activities ensures there’s something for everyone, and each resident is nurtured, engaged, and stimulated as they make new friends and possibly discover new interests.

Food Menu

As we build our menus for the week, we consider each resident’s preferences and dietary needs. Our culinary department caters to serve our seniors and enjoys getting to know them around the facility as they prepare their meals. They want each resident to feel nourished not just nutritionally, but emotionally and culturally by providing some of their favorite foods and flavors.

Our residents receive three full meals, as well as snacks throughout the day.

Even though tastes may change as residents age, we want them to have something they enjoy at every meal. A monthly Dining Services Committee of residents and staff meet to discuss resident satisfaction and share ideas on the Dining Services Program.