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At New Jersey Eastern Star Home, we evaluate each potential resident or patient individually based on medical records and care needs. This process ensures our facility will be the right fit for your loved one, and the best next step for them to continue living with dignity and respect.

Our intimate setting allows each person to live out their values and purpose in security and community. The newly renovated facility and variety of activities empower residents to make friends and continue living their lives with the help of personalized care.

There are two key components to the
admissions process for Long-Term Care.


First, download and complete the Admissions Application. This process provides us with the baseline information we need in order to process your request for admission to the New Jersey Eastern Star Home.


Secondly, there is a Physician’s Report that must be completed by your primary physician so that we may review your medical needs to ensure that the services you require medically, can be met in our care center.

We accept applications from the general public, as well as members of the Order of the Eastern Star. With a non-profit, charitable history, we want to see each resident fulfilling their individualized goals with help from our friendly and compassionate staff.

If at any time you have questions or need assistance when completing these documents, please feel free to contact our Director of Admissions at 908-255-5446 or contact the facility directly at 908-722-4140 and your call will be directed to the Admissions/Social Work Department. We will be glad to assist you.

Why Choose
New Jersey
Star Home?

Selecting a long-term home for a loved one is an emotional decision. Our non-profit mission differentiates us from other care facilities because we view our high quality of care as a responsibility to the community around us. When founding The New Jersey Eastern Star Home, the vision of residents thriving and living out their values in a new home drove the fraternal organization to care for each person as if they were family.

Our Bridgewater facility always looks for ways to improve, and regularly updates amenities to meet the needs of patients and residents. With the recent construction of a therapy gym and private rooms, New Jersey Eastern Star Home demonstrates their continuing commitment to providing the latest in rehabilitative care. We help make the adjustment from their community to their new home here at Eastern Star feel comfortable and welcome.

Even if a patient stays for a short sub-acute treatment, our skilled nurses and experienced staff ensure this home-away-from-home is conducive to meeting those nursing care needs and therapy goals at the best pace for that patient. From the chefs to the supervisors, our staff wants each patient or resident to continue living an engaging life with dignity and purpose.