Serving Central New Jersey
For Over 60 Years

Founded by a fraternal, charitable organization, New Jersey Eastern Star Home continues their tradition of caring for residents with dignity and professionalism. This non-profit, board-led history supports the staff with a mindset of service, helping patients recover and live life to the fullest as they enter their senior years.

Both the long-term care facility and the sub-acute rehabilitation center personalize residents’ treatment plans, so each individual meets their custom goals for care and recovery. With a staff longevity uncommon in the industry, our clinicians and staff members are uniquely qualified to serve your loved ones.

Staff members, from the housekeepers to the directors, build relationships with residents as they become an extended family over the years at New Jersey Eastern Star Home.

“We are truly dedicated to a service-oriented mindset that supports the needs of each individual resident and patient; while acknowledging through our programs and services that one’s medical needs are only part of who that individual is and what that individual needs. We believe engaging each resident and patient to meet his or her personal goals and preferences for activities and daily routine is paramount to wellness and life satisfaction.”

—Diane Baldwin, Administrator


The Order of the Eastern Star of New Jersey founded their Bridgewater facility as a home for its aging female members in 1958. As the Order transitioned over time and community needs changed, New Jersey Eastern Star Home opened their admissions application process to the public.

Through renovation and expansion over the years, the facility continues to care for residents. With an award-winning garden for residents to enjoy, therapy gym for sub-acute patients, and private/semi-private rooms, this central New Jersey care and rehabilitation center has updated accommodations and amenities desired by today’s seniors.

However, the charitable attitude that saw the need to care for its members, now treats the public with the same care and attention as those original women. The staff feels empowered to serve and meet the needs of residents. This culture keeps the staff engaged and the residents secure.